Referenced Information

Useful websites for parents that reference parenting information provided:
  • Evidence Based Mummy - a blog about current studies in child and parenting psychology, by a UK mum who is also a registered psychologist.
  • Kellymom - primarily on breastfeeding - this site claims to be evidence-based but much information is not properly referenced (or references only other articles that make assertions, not the actual studies).  Still, there is more referencing than most parenting sites.
  • Parenting Science (Gwen Dewar)
  • A Secure Base - similar to Gullible New Parent, this blog mixes personal posts with posts containing referenced research on parenting - written by a teacher, the focus of the research is child development and attachment theory.

Major Bodies

Websites of major bodies that provide evidence-based parenting advice:
  • Australian Breastfeeding Association (obviously there to support breastfeeding, but counsellors are trained to give evidence-based advice on how to manage breastfeeding)
  • Raising Children Network (Australian Government websites, evidence-based and written through extensive consultation with experts and parents, although has no references and in many cases the information is frustratingly simplistic.)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Zero-To-Three - this is a particularly great resource for understanding and dealing with toddler behaviour.


Sometimes it's nice to read parenting blogs (with an emphasis on parenting babies) to get a sense of how different parenting styles work in practice.  I'm adding good ones here (good in the sense of well written and covering a variety of topics) as I find them:

Attachment / Natural Parenting Blogs:

Funny Parenting Blogs:

'Mainstream' Parenting Blogs:
Crafty Parenting Blogs:

Montessori Parenting Blogs:
Christian Parenting Blogs: