Friday, November 12, 2010

Guilty New Mum Bingo!

I knew the first month as a new parent would be hard.  I had no illusions.  But I wish I had known that the particular failures and incompetencies I had were all too common.

Finally, here is something you can give new mums so they know they are not alone in their moments of parental ineptitude.  That's right - what could be more fun than Guilty New Mum Bingo!  Tick off those craptacular, joyous, and guilt-inducing moments as you have them.

Hand out at the hospital or take to mother's group.  Suitable for approximately the first two months post-partum.

Download the full size version to print here.


  1. Love that - so funny and reassuring.

  2. Too brilliant Caroline, Aunty Molly

  3. Nothing to say, really - that was perfect! Will be sharing the link to this one!!